So 1 of 2  awesome things just happened:

Scenario 1: You just so happen to work for an amazing company that is paying for you to make new friends, exercise, and maybe even party a little bit.

Scenario 2: Against all odds you convinced your boss to pay for your offices’ social league. You are now the hero of the office an indispensable asset!

You did it! You successfully got your company to foot the bill for what is surely to be an incredible office bonding experiment…

One problem!

Corralling all your coworkers to agree to a single sport and day of the week can be a struggle and sometimes downright difficult.

Luckily we have your back, just send out the electronic form to game interest and gather necessary information! (FORM)

Put that company card to good use! We will send you a clean and simple online invoice that you can pay online.

Bocce – Kickball – Volleyball – Skeeball


Volo City is a great way for you, your office and your co-workers to get active and get social. Our social and fun atmosphere are great ways to build office camaraderie, get some exercise in each week, de-stress from a busy work day and just have some good ole fashioned fun!

If you have specific questions about our leagues and which league/location might be a great fit for you and your team please email us at and we’ll be happy to help you find the best fit. For pricing information please email